‘Bike-sharing program is a huge success’: NY mayor’s spokesman

New York City’s mayor’s office is bracing for an influx of bike-share program applications.

The Mayor’s Office of Public Works says it has received more than 400,000 applications, and the Mayor’s Bike Share Program is expected to get a huge boost in ridership once it officially launches on Monday.

The program, which is not available in New York, will allow users to pick up their bikes from a range of locations throughout the city, and will be available for free to anyone who signs up through a new website.

Users will also be able to get directions from the bikes, and there will be a variety of services available including shuttle service to and from locations.

The mayor’s spokeswoman, Liz Cohen, said it will be up to the city’s 311 agency to decide how the program will be implemented, but that the city will be able track the usage of the program by analyzing data collected through the website and other data sources.

Cohen said the program was a huge victory for the city.

“This program is truly the answer to one of the biggest challenges we face,” she said.

The plan for the bike share program was first unveiled in October, and Cohen said she is pleased with the results so far.

“The number of bikes in New Jersey is over 4,000,” she told BBC News.

“It was our largest bike share in the country so far.”

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