How to Watch Western States Sightseeing in 2018

In 2019, Wyoming and Montana will be the only Western states to not be covered in the American Association of Museums Western States section, according to the association’s website.

The group’s mission is to “promote cultural diversity and enhance visitor experience in Western states.”

The group also has an annual conference called Western States: A Conversation on Diversity. 

In its 2018-2019 budget report, the association estimated that the cost of the annual conference was $1.1 million. 

It also spent $4.1 on events, exhibits and publications for the 2018-19 academic year. 

The association said in a statement that the event was a great success and the annual convention was a success, but that it was not a perfect success. 

“The annual Western States convention was the only one of its kind, and there were some issues that we found with the logistics of running the conference,” said John Pendergast, president of the Western States chapter of the association.

“There were also some issues with some of the presentations that were presented at the conference.” 

Pendergaster said that the association has seen a “fair amount of criticism” from those who say that the Western states have been “marginalized” by the media. 

However, he added that he is “surprised” by those who “believe that the American media, particularly in the Western media, have been overly negative and biased towards Western states in general.” 

The group also released a video in which it said that, in 2018, the American Media Association, the industry group for major broadcast and cable networks, called the Western countries “the most underrepresented and underrepresented cultures in the world.” 

“There are many other cultures that have been represented, such as Indigenous people and other people of color,” said Pendergrast.

“We were very happy to work with the American Academy of Media Arts and Sciences to make this video and highlight the importance of cultural diversity in Western societies.”

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