How to find India’s best sights

India is home to some of the best sights in the world, but it’s not a place for every tourist.

Read moreHere’s what you need to know about the best Indian sights.1.

Kolkata’s Great MosqueThe Great Mosque of Kolkatta is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and its grand architecture has made it the epicentre of Islamic history and tradition.

Located in Kolkatawada, Kolkatt, and surrounded by lush green forests, the mosque has been home to Islam’s holiest places for nearly 2,500 years.

Its spectacular architecture has inspired artists and architecture lovers alike, with murals depicting saints and prophets and an indoor mosque where pilgrims are treated to a special treat.2.

Sri Lanka’s Tawangis BayThe iconic Tawangs Bay in the island nation of Sri Lanka is the second largest bay in the Indian Ocean after the Bay of Bengal.

It is also the home to a number of stunning natural wonders, including the Tawanga Bay, a large estuary that offers spectacular views of the ocean.3.

The Great Temple of AmritsarThe Great Temple is the only known ancient Hindu temple in the Hindu Kush region of the Himalayan plateau, and the oldest structure in the area.

It was constructed by the Sumerians around 3000 BC.

The structure is one of the most well-preserved buildings in India, and contains a total of 4,700 m2, which is over 3 times the size of the original structure.

Its temple complex is one in a long line of ancient Hindu temples in India.4.

Banyasangara Temple The Banyaksangara temple is one the most popular sights in India with over 100,000 pilgrims a year, which make it a must-see for any Hindu.

It’s located in the southern city of Kochi and has a breathtaking view over the Bay Area.

It attracts over 40,000 people annually.5.

Rajasthan’s Lal Bahadur Shastri Memorial ParkThe Lal Bahadevi Shastris Memorial Park is home not only to the holiest of Hindu temples, but also a number that are sacred to the Hindu faith.

The park contains over 60,000 marble statues, including Shiva, and other sacred statues and shrines.

The sculptures of deities from all religions are also on display in the park, including Buddha, Lord Shiva, Ram, and a statue of the Goddess Lakshmi.6.

Nepal’s Everest Base CampThe world’s highest peak, known as Everest, is located in Nepal.

Everest is one an area of extreme beauty that can only be reached by the highest mountain in the Himalayas.

Everest’s slopes are the highest in the universe, reaching a peak height of 10,974 metres, making it the highest peak in the whole world.

It has also become the most famous tourist destination in the region, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors each year.7.

Kishanganj, India’s third largest cityThe city of Kishan in Maharashtra, India, is the capital of the Indian state of Maharashtra, and it is also one of India’s most beautiful.

Located on the banks of the River Indus, Kishangnagar is an ancient port town that dates back to the fifth century BC.

It became one of Indus river’s famous commercial hubs during the first century BC, and flourished as a centre of commerce and art until the 16th century AD.8.

Kerala’s Kerala State TempleThe Kerala State temple is the third largest temple in India and is one that is highly revered.

It houses the Kaal Bazaar, the largest Buddhist temple in Asia.

Located at the foot of Mount Kailash, the temple is home of the largest collection of Buddhist scriptures in the entire world.9.

Sri Aurobindo’s birthplaceIn 1971, the celebrated Indian poet, writer and social activist Sri A. B. Auroindra had written his famous essay, The Hindu Scriptures.

In it, he argued that the Hindu scriptures were not only a document for the social and political consciousness of a nation, but were also a guide to life.

In his vision of what it meant to be an Indian, Auroldo was calling for a complete transformation of society, for social justice and for the advancement of humanity.10.

Bali’s Aceh IslandThe Aceh island, a popular tourist destination, has been an island of peace and tranquillity for centuries, but the past year has witnessed a dramatic increase in violence and destruction.

The island has been ravaged by a series of terrorist attacks over the past two years, with many residents fleeing to neighbouring countries.

This year alone, three of the island’s islands have been attacked, with the attacks killing at least 15 people.11.

Mount Everest, NepalThe world-famous mountain at the heart of the Tibetan Buddhist religion, Mount Everest is the highest point in the earth, and also the world’s most popular tourist attraction. Located

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