New dolphin tour to sail across New York’s Long Island

New York (AP) A dolphin tour will sail across the New York City area on Wednesday, a day after New York Gov.

Andrew Cuomo announced a plan to create a new dolphin tourism zone.

The dolphin-attracting tour will run between New York Harbor and the Catskill Mountains.

Cuomo said the dolphin-watching tours would not only offer a rare glimpse of the underwater world but also offer a glimpse of a city on the rise.

The plan to have the dolphins on board the boat was approved by Cuomo’s administration on Friday.

The dolphin tour, which is free and open to the public, is the second such dolphin tour Cuomo has announced, following a two-week tour in August that took about 150 people.

Cuomo also has launched a $50,000 donation drive for a new aquarium in the Catskills to attract more tourists to the area.

The new dolphin-wandering tours are part of Cuomo’s efforts to make New York a hub for marine life, including a plan in 2019 to add a marine park to the state capitol in Albany.

The plan also aims to make the city more of a tourist destination by offering more marine-themed restaurants, festivals and festivals, as well as the city’s first ever dolphinarium.

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