‘The world’s most expensive sightseeing’ – ‘There’s no place like it in Spain’

The world’s second-most expensive sighting destination, Casablanca, is set to be a new destination for the first time, with visitors spending £3.4 billion to experience a new series of cinemas.

The new series is being launched by the European Film & Television Centre (EFTC), which is set up by the Spanish government to help boost the economy by bringing in foreign films to Spain.

The film industry, one of Spain’s largest, is still struggling to cope with the impact of the financial crisis.

The first of its kind in Europe, it will be one of the largest screens in Europe when it opens in 2020.

The EFTC says the Casablancas new series will feature films from Italy, Germany, Denmark, the United Kingdom, and France.

The films will be shown in the old Ville de Paris cinema, which has not had a cinema since the early 1960s.

The project will bring in a total of nearly €1 billion to Spain’s economy, according to the Spanish Film Council (AVC), which helped finance the project.

“This is a first step, but we are sure we can build on this,” said Carlos Sanchez, the chief executive of the AVC.

The cinema will also feature two other screens, one in Madrid and one in the city of Barcelona, which will be the main screening space.

These two screens will be used for movies from Europe, Spain, and the United States.

It is hoped that Casablans new cinema series will attract a huge number of tourists, with the aim of creating jobs and boosting the local economy.

“The cinemas are a great symbol of the future, the future of Spain and Europe,” said Javier Rodriguez, president of the Casillas Film Council.

The government is also keen to make Casablas a tourist attraction, with a number of new attractions planned.

“A number of attractions will be added to Casablanches new film series.

We will see what we can do for the future,” he said.

The aim is to attract tourists to the city by bringing films to the new cinema screens and by introducing some of the world’s best-known cinemas to the region.

“We want to create a tourism city in the future with new cinemas and the city is the place where it all begins,” said Pedro Garcia, the director of the new series.

The ESNCA said the cinema series would be part of its ongoing programme of investment in the cinema industry, which is part of the government’s “Farewell to Cinema” initiative.

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