How to view Lincoln Square in Chicago with a boat from Sea Life

The sightseeing boats of Chicago’s Lincoln Square, where you can sit on the dock and watch the water swirl by, have been around since the 1920s.

Since then, they’ve been popular spots for boaters looking to catch the city’s best views, and this year, Chicagoans are having the chance to take the boats for a spin on the lakefront.

The city’s Lincoln Park Boat Club is hosting the first of a series of boating excursions that will take visitors to a variety of locations along Lake Michigan.

The boats, which are free and open to the public, will depart on Saturday and feature stops in the lake and surrounding parks.

They will then return to Lake Michigan for a second trip.

“Lincoln Park Boat club is one of the largest and most established boat clubs in the country, so the boats are a perfect fit for our visitors,” said Lisa Jett, a vice president of marketing for the group.

“It’s going to be a fun and educational experience for our members and guests.”

One of the boats, the Blue Bird, will be joined by a pair of smaller boats, one of which will feature a boat for children.

The two smaller boats will be located in the middle of the lake, next to the boat club’s other two boats, and the two larger boats will all be on a pier at Lake Michigan’s east side.

The group is also hosting a special boating event on Sunday night that will include a paddle boat, paddleboard, kayak, kayaking, and a float.

The boating events are scheduled to begin at 10 p.m. on Saturday, April 22, and run until 10 a.m., Sunday, April 23.

The Blue Bird will depart from the North Branch of the Chicago River and head west to Lake Shore Drive.

The boat will stop in the river’s banks to enjoy the scenery and views.

A second boat, the Blackbird, will head east from Lake Shore Boulevard, crossing the Chicago and the River Chicago River.

The Blackbird will stop on Lake Michigan, which is next to Chicago’s western shoreline.

After stopping in the Lake Michigan area, the boat will head south through the downtown area and cross the river at the Lake Shore Road bridge.

A third boat, called the White Bird, is set to follow the Black Bird.

The White Bird will stop at the North Side of Lake Michigan and head south along Lake Shore Avenue, then turn around and head north along Lake Street.

The three boats will stop for dinner in the North Loop.

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