What is South Korea’s ‘Cantonese’ restaurant scene?

In 2017, the Korean Peninsula became a hotspot for sightseeing and dining.

While there were plenty of great food options in Seoul and other major cities, it wasn’t until late-night dining, and now, the night of the opening of the country’s first Cantonese restaurant, the Jangsu Dao, that a whole new world of dining was opened up.

The JangSu Dao opened at the end of September, and the food was so good, the South Korean government put out a call for applicants to find the best food, drinks and restaurants in the country.

The idea was that people from all walks of life could come together to have a great time.

This was the beginning of a whole world of foodie dining.

And that world was opened for business, in part, thanks to the popularity of Jangsus, or “Chinese” dishes.

Many restaurants in South Korea have a Cantoneseses menu, and restaurants like Jangsoo (the only one in Seoul) and Jangmae (another in Seoul), cater to this particular community.

While this is great news for the local food industry, it’s also a major boon to the global food scene, and has made it possible for Chinese restaurants to open in more than 70 countries around the world.

In 2018, I visited the Jangsus and Jangsas first location, a newly opened restaurant called The Great Dao in Seoul, and was so impressed by the food that I had to come back.

I didn’t even know they existed until the end.

The Great Daos Cantonesese menu is an extensive and delicious collection of Cantonesen dishes, ranging from Cantonesetai (meatballs), to jangsu dao (dumplings) and jangsi (desserts).

Some dishes are very simple, such as the jangso (Chinese dessert), or the dao, which are just noodle soups, but the quality is very high.

It’s easy to pick out dishes that will be favorites, such, the jangsi (diet) with rice and bean sprouts, or the jongsu (rice balls), which is the same as in the Cantonesee menu.

The jangsis are a bit more difficult to find, but I definitely found myself ordering one or two each time I went out.

I was surprised at how well they all tasted, and it was definitely the best Chinese food I’ve had in my life.

The Cantonesedom is a big part of this foodie scene, as it’s the way Cantones are taught to speak and write, which means Cantones can communicate with each other in Cantones.

It makes a lot of sense to me.

The Cantones, like most other Asian people, are often stereotyped as having a very strict and “traditional” culture.

But as a result of this, many Chinese are able to learn to speak Cantones in a way that is totally foreign to them.

I definitely think Cantones will be one of the biggest attractions to this year’s opening, especially for young people.

The great food, great service, and an open invitation to learn more about Chinese culture is definitely something that people of all ages will enjoy.

I think we will see more Chinese food at the Great Dajas opening, and I think the Cantons will be a huge part of that.

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