When it rains, it pours: The world’s most amazing sights from Puerto Rico

As Puerto Rico heads into its most dangerous week of the year, the islands residents are going to be in the dark.

The island has been hit by the worst storm in recent memory, a category 4 hurricane that was packing winds of up to 195 mph and torrential rains of up at least a foot.

The island has had some of the worst rainfall in the U.S. in recent years.

The storm, which has been moving toward the island since Tuesday, is the deadliest in decades.

It’s also the first Category 4 hurricane to strike the U: It’s expected to reach the island Friday night and possibly Sunday.

The Category 4 storm is packing winds over 160 mph and is expected to continue its destructive march through the islands.

It has already caused significant damage and deaths.

It killed at least 17 people on the island, including five infants.

The most catastrophic impact has been the devastation.

The storm left an estimated $200 billion in damage to the island.

The death toll is likely to be higher, as the storm has killed at more than half a million people, according to a study by the University of Puerto Rico.

Some people are still unaccounted for.

In the aftermath of the storm, residents have been left to fend for themselves, with many having nowhere to go.

The Puerto Rico Gov.

Ricardo Rosselló told ABC News that many people are stranded in their homes.

Rosselló said the island has not had electricity for weeks.

Residents have resorted to generators to power their homes, but power is still unreliable.

The power has been restored to some areas, but it’s not completely.

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