Why the sky is getting dark in Asheville’s night sky

Posted August 15, 2018 07:18:23The night sky in Asheville, North Carolina, is becoming more crowded with night events, including the annual Asheville Night Sky Festival. 

This year, the event is adding a new section called the “Night Sky Center,” where you can watch over 500,000 starry night sky photographs taken over the last two decades. 

The event is held every spring, so this year, there’s a whole new section devoted to night sky photos taken in the past year. 

Some of the more notable stars in the sky are: Asteroid Barlow (1940), Gemini Orion (1950), and Constellation Aries (1953). 

A constellation is a group of stars orbiting a central star and forming a single star cluster. 

For example, the constellation of Orion is located between the constellation Sagittarius and Leo, while the constellation Aries is located in the constellation Cygnus. 

Although we’ve all seen the stars that are in the night sky, it’s never been easy to figure out exactly what they are. 

And what’s more, there’s no way to know if any of them are actually constellations, because most of the stars have no name. 

As a result, the best way to learn what they’re all about is to look up in the dark sky and figure out what they mean. 

But before you start, you might want to take a moment to appreciate that the night is becoming less crowded. 

There’s a new group of constellational stars that have emerged in the last decade that are becoming more popular. 

In fact, this is one of the few times in the history of astronomy that stars have been found to align with the seasons, according to the University of Maryland astronomer Dennis W. Siegel. 

“In fact,” he said, “it’s the first time that a constellation with a name has aligned with the spring solstice.” 

So, with that in mind, the night will become more crowded in 2019. 

AstroBike is offering up a free guide to the night skies for $15. 

Find out how to get there and what you can expect at www.astrobike.com/night_sky/night.html and www,asheville,nc,United States. 

To see more stars in night sky images, check out the full list of sky names at the NASA/JPL nasa night sky map at http://www.nasa.gov/feature/star-names/star_names.html.

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