How to get a free Alaska sightseeing trip for your next visit

If you are looking for an unforgettable Alaska sightseer trip, check out the following suggestions: 1.

Go to the Alaskan Museum or Alaska State Museum and explore the historic and cultural artifacts found at both sites.


See the Alkahakas native bird, the bald eagle, and the majestic seals, whales, and other wildlife that live here.


Visit the National Park Service Anchorage site, which is the largest National Park in the country.


Take a walk through the beautiful city of Anchorage and its downtown.


Visit a local Alaskin Fish and Game Museum.


Take your children for a free day at the Anchorage Zoo and Wildlife Park.


Enjoy the local culture and arts scene with the Anchorage Museum of Art, a unique art collection, as well as the Anchorage Folk Arts Festival.


Visit museums and cultural institutions in Anchorage and beyond, including the Anchorage Art Museum, the Anchorage Botanical Gardens, and several other regional museums and attractions.


Visit local breweries, restaurants, and wine bars in Anchorage, including bars like the Kaskiatik Brewing Company, the Kinkaid Brewery, and Alaskas finest winery.


Visit historic landmarks like the Alseks Landing House Museum, which houses Alaska’s only Civil War reenactment.


Head to the Ketchikan Historical Society and enjoy a guided historical tour.


Visit Alaskans most beautiful ski resort, the North Slope Ski Area, and ski at the historic Ketchana.


Enjoy a guided Alaska Native American archaeological excavation.


Visit Alaska’s largest museum, the Alaska State Archives, and learn more about the state’s Native American history.


Visit Native American cultural and religious sites throughout the state and explore their cultural and historical significance.


Visit cultural events and special events at the Alaska Native Cultural Center.


Visit Anchorage’s first museum dedicated to the preservation of Alaska’s native culture, the Museum of History and Science.


Visit an Alaska State Parks Historic Preservation Site and explore its historic collection of historic vehicles.


Take an Alaska Native History Seminar or an Alaska Tribe History Seminars to learn more and experience Alaska Native culture firsthand.


Visit one of Alaska Native tribes’ oldest cultural and historic sites.


Go on a free guided Alaska Wildflower Trail.


Visit North Slopes Historic Museum and Museum of Arts and Culture.


Visit Ketchikakatna’s newest cultural and cultural attraction, the Skokomish Tribe Museum.


Visit two historic Alaska towns, Port Angeles and Kodiak, for an Alaska Historical Tour.


Visit three Alaskis historic landmarks, including Ketchatna Beach, Ketchum Mountain, and North Sloping Mountains National Parks.


Visit and enjoy an authentic Alaski dinner at one of the many historic restaurants in the state.


Visit various Native American historical sites throughout Alaska, including historical sites in Alaska’s Northwest Territories.


Explore Alaska’s unique Native American tribes and see the people they live by. 29.

Visit different Native American tribal cultural centers in Alaska, such as the Alaska Tribes Museum of Cultural Arts, the Alakatawea Indian Cultural Center, and a Native American Museum in Alaska.


Visit many Native American-themed events throughout the year including Native American Festivals, Native American Heritage Festivals and festivals, and Native American Cultural Events.


Visit some of the best museums in Alaska and experience the world-renowned collection of Native American art and art history.


Visit several Alaska Native museums, including Alaska Native Museum of Natural History and Alaska Native Heritage Museum.


Visit numerous Native American museums in Washington state and the Yukon.


Go sledding or ice skating in the Great Basin region, including Kodiak.


Explore some of Alaska ‘s most beautiful rivers and streams and enjoy the beautiful scenery.


Visit or visit the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge.


Explore the state parks, recreation areas, and historic lands in the Northwest Territories, including Yukon National Park, Grand Banks National Wildlife Preserve, and Stearns River National Wildlife Sanctuary.


Visit historical sites of Alaska including the Al-Kelso and Anchorage National Forests, the Lower Ketchuk, Alaska National Historic Site, and Fort Valdez National Historic Park.


Go swimming in the North Sea, which contains a large amount of fresh water.


Go hiking or skiing in the Alaska Range, which stretches from Alaska’s coast to the Canadian border.


Explore historic sites in the Lower 48 states, including Anchorage, the Olympic Peninsula, and some of our most historic towns.


Visit other popular outdoor destinations in the Northeast, such the Great Lakes, the Great Plains, and New England.


Go skiing or snowboarding in Alaska for the winter.


Visit all of Alaska , from the

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