Munich sights for next generation of technology, fashion brands

Munich, Germany (AFP) — It’s the big city that’s been making the biggest impact on global fashion trends, and its recent developments show that the city has the potential to become the next global fashion hub.

With a thriving fashion industry, a strong food and drink scene, and a thriving tech sector, Munich is quickly becoming a global destination for the fashion and tech industries.

The city is known for its lively and fashionable nightlife and is also known for being a hotbed for startup and technology startups.

“It’s the world’s most innovative startup scene and the most active tech sector,” said Matthias Schuster, the head of global fashion brand Wunderwear.

“We’re in a time where the city is a hot spot for startups and tech startups, but we also see a lot of the same industries, so we are seeing this kind of convergence between tech and fashion.”

The city of about 30 million has seen a surge in its tech and tech start-ups over the past decade, as more people have embraced the city as an incubator and location for startups, tech and creative industries.

Its tech sector is home to a large number of big name companies including Facebook, Microsoft and Twitter, and is booming, with a $1 billion economy.

Schuster says Munich is becoming a hub for tech and startup companies, and has been for years.

“The city has really made an effort to attract the best talent,” he said.

“Munich has always been a tech hub.

It has always attracted a lot more tech talent than most other cities.”

It’s also a place where people have the confidence to start their own business and get a foot on the ground, Schuster said.

In addition, it has been attracting a growing number of young people who want to do something different and start their companies.

“This is what has brought in a lot companies to the city,” he added.

“There are many young entrepreneurs who want the chance to do this, but also a lot young people that want to start new companies.

It’s this convergence that makes the city so attractive.”

Munster, GermanyA huge chunk of the country’s economy is made up of technology sectors, and Schuster says the city’s success in attracting and retaining tech talent has been significant.

“In terms of attracting talent, Munich has a really high concentration of IT companies, but it also has a lot in terms of technology and tech-related companies,” he explained.

“People who have started companies have had a very high concentration in IT companies.

So that has helped the city to attract a lot and attract the tech talent.”

Schuster said the city also has good links with the fashion industry.

“I would say that the fashion sector is one of the most diverse in Germany.

We have some very high-end brands, and there are some very low-end,” he remarked.”

It has been a decade since the city had a major fashion show. “

I would also say that it’s a very global fashion industry.”

It has been a decade since the city had a major fashion show.

But the city hosted the 2016 Cannes fashion show, and the city continues to host fashion events, such as the European Fashion Week, and festivals.

“For example, the Fashion Week last year in Munich had a lot to do with fashion, with lots of young designers that are making their mark, and also a very important event for us to have,” Schuster added.

In recent years, the city saw an influx of tech and technology start-up firms, as well as companies that wanted to start and scale their businesses.

“As the tech sector grows and becomes more sophisticated and connected to the internet, it’s also making a big impact on the fashion space, so that’s why it’s really interesting to see the city evolve,” Schusters added.

The trend has already seen the city transform itself.

In 2012, it hosted the Berlin fashion show and in 2016, it also hosted the European fashion week, with several fashion brands participating.

“When the tech industry comes into play, you get more and more of a realisation that the technology is really important,” said Schuster.

“You also see the cities that are trying to get a piece of that.

We saw a big influx of companies in Munich last year, so I think this is really a trend we’re going to see continue.”

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