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The tour starts in Munich with a visit to the historic Old Town and the cathedral.

The cathedral itself is located in the center of Munich and is home to the cathedral of St. Bartholomew.

The Old Town is the center for the Bavarian city, and is the seat of government and the seat for the parliament.

The main cathedral of Munich is also a tourist attraction, and visitors can see the cathedral from the street.

The tour ends at the Brandenburg Gate where the Brandenberg Gate Bridge is visible.

The city of Brandenburg is the largest in Germany, and houses some of the finest churches and other buildings in Germany.

The Brandenburg gate is one of the most famous symbols in German history.

The historic Brandenburg gothic city was named after the founder of Germany, Karl Frederick Brandenburg.

This is a sightseeing journey with a special destination.

The tour starts with the Old Town of Munich, a large, historic town with a rich cultural heritage.

In the centre of the town is the Cathedral of St Bartholompo, a church that dates back to the 14th century.

The Cathedral of Saint Bartholomae is the most visited church in Germany and is often visited by tourists.

It is located within the Old City of Munich.

The site of the cathedral is surrounded by the historic Brandenberg gate, the city’s main attraction.

The cathedral of Saint Benedict is one a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The building is the only intact and intact building in the entire Brandenburg region.

The original design for the building was by the architect Hermann Stahl, a pioneer in the development of architecture.

In 1879, the architect was awarded the first prize in the design competition.

The structure was built to accommodate a cathedral with a total floor area of 5,500,000 square meters (1,600,000 sq ft).

The structure has survived a number of major earthquakes in its history.

A UNESCO World heritage site, the cathedral contains the relics of more than 5,000 churches.

It was originally a church dedicated to St. Joseph of Arimathea (1570-1631).

The tour continues to visit the Brandenbunker, a fortress that served as a fort for the German army.

This fortress is home of the Brandeisenbunker and the fortress is located on the western edge of the city.

The castle itself was built by the Prussian king Karl Frederick III.

This fort is still used by the German Army and the Brandensbunker was also the site of a major battle in World War I. The fortress was a major obstacle in the Allied invasion of the Rhineland in 1918.

The German Army is known to have used the Brandesbunker as a headquarters for their invasion of France in 1944.

The museum also offers tours to a variety of historic buildings, including the Brandtbunker.

The museum has many exhibitions and a huge collection of paintings, prints, ceramics and sculptures.

The Bavarian town of Munich hosts numerous exhibitions and is a popular tourist destination.

The cultural, historical and architectural sites are among the most popular destinations for visitors.

The historical sites of Munich include the Brandewald Bridge, the Brandungshoe Bridge, and the castle of St Paul and St. Peter.

The most famous historical sites in Munich are the Brandstalle Museum, the Ludwig Haus Museum, and Haus Stiftung.

The Ludwig Hahn Museum is the oldest surviving architectural building in Germany as it was built in 1571.

The Hausstiftung was a public library which was originally built for the city of Munich in the 16th century and was the first library in the German state of Bavaria.

The library has a large collection of historical items and is still in use.

The museums of the cities of Munich have a wealth of information, including artworks, books, manuscripts, paintings, and other materials.

There are also museums and galleries dedicated to history in Berlin, Hamburg, and Vienna.

The Museum of Natural History is a national and international museum with the mission to preserve and conserve natural history.

This museum has over 3,500 exhibits including over 100,000 objects.

The Munich sightseeker’s guidebook is the perfect guide for sightseeing in Munich, offering information on the city, the sights, and places to visit.

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