What you need to know about the coronavirus outbreak in Indiana

The Latest on the coronovirus outbreak (all times local):9 p.m.

President Donald Trump is calling for Congress to pass a federal spending bill that will fund the state’s coronaviral response and provide relief for those displaced by the outbreak.

Trump says the funding is needed to help families cope with the economic hardship.

He says the government will help cover costs for medical care and provide help for individuals who are affected.

The president says $1.1 billion in relief from the coronivirus will go to the states.

The $1 billion will be divided evenly among states.

Trump also says the federal government will provide health insurance for 3 million more Americans.

He did not say how much that money would cost.10:35 p.p.

House Speaker Paul Ryan says the Republican-led Congress will send the House bill to the White House for review.

The House GOP leaders say they plan to send the bill to Trump for his signature before sending it to the Senate, where Democrats are expected to approve it.

The White House says the president is waiting for the Senate to act on a $1 trillion spending bill to be passed by the Senate before deciding on how to handle the federal spending.

The bill will likely include relief for the states and help for people displaced by Ebola.

The White House said it was expecting a response to the pandemic to be announced later in the week.11:30 p.c.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says it is taking steps to expand the availability of testing kits to help people get vaccinated.CDC Director Dr. Thomas Frieden said the agency has increased its vaccine distribution to help expand coverage for people with limited or no medical insurance.

He said that as of Wednesday, the agency had distributed more than 7.5 million doses of influenza vaccines to more than 11 million Americans.CDC has also expanded access to the testing kits that are currently available through HealthCare.gov.

Frieden told reporters that testing kits will be made available on Friday and will be distributed by local health departments.

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