When you go to Philadelphia, it’s easy to miss some of the sights, says local guide

PHILADELPHIA (AP) A couple of days before Halloween, I was looking at Philadelphia for the first time.

As I walked along the cobblestoned streets, I noticed the same things about the city I’ve seen countless times before: its art, its restaurants, its history, its people.

But for the next two days, the city was more familiar to me than ever.

I didn’t know it at the time, but the people who make up the city are not the same people who made it up.

The only place I knew of Philadelphia to go for Halloween was a restaurant called The Art of Living, and I didn “discover” it by wandering around the downtown area.

As the weeks passed, I found myself looking for the same places on my trip.

I was always surprised by the variety of things I found there.

This summer, the Philadelphia International Art Festival (PIFA), which began in the city in May, was returning to its roots, with the Philadelphia Philharmonic Orchestra, The Philharmonia, and the National Symphony Orchestra joining forces for a series of live performances.

But this time, I wanted to try to go to the entire city and see the sights of Philadelphia for myself.

I knew that the city is a place that has been a magnet for art lovers since the early 1800s, and it was a perfect place to start.

I wanted to see the historic districts, which are home to the most famous art museums in the country, like the Museum of Modern Art, National Gallery of Art, and Pennsylvania Museum of Art.

I also wanted to visit the famous Philly Art Museum, a sprawling collection of over 50,000 works of art.

But I didn’st want to miss out on the city’s other treasures, which include the city skyline, the historic Philadelphia Navy Yard, and other landmarks.

I decided to make the most of my trip by going to the city, which is where the Philharmonix concert series, The Philadelphia Orchestra, first began, in 1892.

I decided to take a train to Philly and take a walk downtown.

I was surprised by how different the city felt from the ones I’ve been to before.

There was more life, of course, but also a sense of urgency, a sense that there was something missing.

This made me feel like a tourist for the second time, and as a result, I felt like I was missing out.

The more I wandered around, the more I noticed I was in Philadelphia, but I couldn’t find any of the people I knew.

There were no signs of tourists, no signs with pictures of me in them, and no people with whom I could talk.

I decided that I needed to explore the city myself.

So I started exploring the city with a group of friends.

We spent time walking through the historic district, where I was able to spot the National Museum of American Art, the Smithsonian’s American Art Museum and the Philadelphia Museum of Arts.

There, we met a guy named Nick and learned about the life and work of one of the citys most important figures, Philadelphia’s first mayor, John P. McGraw.

We also found out that there is an Art Institute in Philadelphia.

After walking the city for a couple of weeks, we decided that we needed to go downtown, where the city of Philadelphia is famous for its music and arts.

After walking downtown, we found ourselves in the historic center of the Philadelphia Opera House.

There were no more signs of me.

I felt I was walking in a ghost town.

I had a sense I was not the only one who had not seen anything.

When we arrived at the Opera House, we discovered that the place was empty, as well.

The city has been transformed over the years.

I thought I was going to find the old city of Pembroke and see a lot of old buildings and see old architecture.

But it was much different.

There had been renovations and I noticed that the architecture of the old buildings had changed, from a classical style to modern architecture.

There is now a new style of architecture in Philadelphia called modern architecture, and this new style has been adopted by the city as well as the opera house.

It is a new, modern style of building, and in many ways, the buildings of the Opera house are new.

We went through a whole new experience.

We then headed to the Museum Center, where we had a chance to see some of Philadelphia’s most famous pieces, including the iconic “City Hall” and the famous “Cricket”.

I was amazed at the newness of the architecture.

It was very different than I had seen before, and that is because the old, classical architecture is gone.

I think the new architecture of these pieces is the most beautiful and unique of all.

We returned to the hotel where we stayed and got

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