Which UK cities are worth visiting in summer 2018?

By now, you probably know that London’s summertime crowds are one of the best things that the city has to offer.

While the city is still getting used to the crowds, there are some great things to do around the city during the summer months, especially if you’re looking for a cool spot to enjoy the outdoors.

This list is going to cover some of the great things you can do around London in June 2018, so you can enjoy your summer as much as possible.

If you want to visit the UK during summer, here are some of our top picks for sights you can take part in this summer.

While it may not seem like much to you, London has plenty of things to see and do in the city in June.

If you are travelling in July, you should definitely do a visit to London, because it’s the summertime period when London has some of its best summertime sights to see.

You’ll also have the chance to see some of London’s best outdoor events, including:The city’s skyline can look a little intimidating to those who aren’t used to seeing it at its peak.

To help make it even easier, there’s also a whole host of amazing sights around the area that you can explore during the hot summer months.

Check out these awesome places to take a break from your commute and enjoy some fun:The Tower of London, the world’s tallest building, is a stunning sight to behold in the summer, and you can also visit the Royal Pavilion to see the Royal Palaces of Scotland and Wales in action.

This is one of our favourite things to explore around the UK this summer, especially when you’re feeling lazy and want to get away from the crowds.

While there are lots of things you could do in London during summertime, there is something else you can get into when you have the time.

If there’s something that you really want to see, or you just love going to, you can head to the top of the Shard.

There are many different things you have to see in the Tower of the Houses, which are located inside the tower.

Check out our guide to the Tower and its wonders for more info.

If your friends and family are travelling around London, you might want to head to Notting Hill Carnival, where you can see the different events that are happening around the British capital.

You can even try to find a spot to sit and watch the carnival from a balcony on the top floor of the Tower, but this can get quite pricey.

So if you want a chance to watch the world famous carnival, head to London during the week.

If summer is just around the corner, you will be able to experience some amazing sights in London this summer and you won’t want to miss it!

We’ve gathered together some of my favourite sights that will keep you busy during this summer period.

Check the list below to find out more about the amazing sights and things to go see around London this year.

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