How to find the best Athens sightseeing from your home island

A new report from the consultancy consultancy IRI has revealed how easy it is to get a perfect Athens sightsee from your own home island.

The report, entitled A Perfect Athens Sightseeing, details how visitors from the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Sweden and Spain are getting the most bang for their buck when it comes to viewing the country’s most spectacular sights.

“This is an incredibly efficient way of getting a good Athens sightseer,” said Ben Wood, CEO of IRI.

There are many reasons why a visitor from a foreign country can get the most from a tourist holiday, including access to the most stunning sights, a local connection, and the chance to visit a local cultural or sporting attraction.

But there are also other reasons why visitors from a different country might benefit from spending a few days on an island, such as being able to explore its natural environment, take in the city’s historic landmarks, or experience the best beaches in the region.

In the report, IRI found that the cheapest way to get an enjoyable Athens sight see was to visit an island off the mainland, where locals are well aware of the city and its culture.

For example, on the British Virgin Islands, you can walk for two hours to visit the beachfront town of Balaclava, the birthplace of Greek singer and composer Panagiotis Kostopoulos.

Similarly, if you visit the coastal town of Samos, you’ll be able to take in a traditional festival with the locals.

And in Germany, the country with the most popular beaches in Europe, you’re likely to be able see some of the countrys best-known beaches, such the Stuttgart and Essen beaches, which are the site of many of the world’s biggest sporting events.

Of course, if a visitor wants to take a holiday with their family or friends, you might want to look into the option of visiting the islands of the South Aegean, such Cape Verde and Saba, which offer a much more laid-back option of a beach visit.

You can find more details on the IRI’s website about how visitors to Greece can get a “perfect Athens sight” by visiting their travel guide.

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