How to find the best dolphins in the water, says one guide

In recent years, people have been taking to the water to see dolphins.

And while they’re often tagged as “cetaceans” or “marsupials,” dolphins are actually mammals.

The dolphins, like all animals, need sunlight, water, and food.

And dolphins need it because they live in deep waters, which are often covered in saltwater.

There are many places in the ocean where dolphins live that are free of humans, like the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.

These places, too, have become havens for dolphins, with some dolphins being kept in captivity in order to teach them how to swim and hunt.

This summer, I visited the waters off the coast of Florida, a place where dolphins are often kept in the hopes that they will eventually be released into the wild.

I wanted to know what it was like to see a dolphin in the wild, but not in captivity.

In this episode of the Natural History Podcast, I take a tour of the dolphin habitat in Florida.

This is the second part of a series exploring the natural history of marine mammals.

I’m joined by Dr. Jill Lea, a researcher at the University of South Florida who specializes in dolphin ecology.

Dr. Lea is also a researcher in the University’s Department of Biological Sciences.

The show is produced by Natural History.

Please join us for the final installment of our series on dolphin conservation in the Gulf, where I will be talking about the challenges faced by those in the U.S. trying to preserve the dolphins.

Please enjoy the show.

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