How to See the City of Cincinnati in a Year

CINCINNATI — The city of Cincinnati, home to the world’s largest Muslim population, has seen a surge in Muslim visitors, and it’s become a popular destination for sightseers seeking a more peaceful life.

The Cincinnati-based American-Islamic Society says its members are spending more than $600 million to visit the city and its surrounding areas each year.

The group says the number of Muslims visiting Cincinnati in 2018 exceeded the number visiting Los Angeles and Atlanta in the same time period.

In the past year, Muslims from across the globe have been visiting the city for the first time, including in a string of high-profile terrorist attacks that have caused many to question the safety of America’s largest city.

On Thursday, President Donald Trump issued an executive order banning travel from six Muslim-majority countries — Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Syria — and temporarily barring all refugees from entering the U.S.

For months, Muslim travelers to the U:C.

have been the target of deadly violence, including a shooting at the city’s John F. Kennedy International Airport in March.

The order also includes a ban on people from Iran, Syria, Iraq and Sudan entering the country for 90 days, while temporarily suspending the entry of people from Somalia, Yemen and Somalia.

It was the second time in as many weeks that a U.C. mayor has made such a ban, after Mayor John Cranley ordered a ban for four weeks on Feb. 6 after the shootings in Charleston, S.C., killed nine people and wounded another 23.

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