How to watch the eclipse in your own country

Here are 10 ways to see the eclipse across Europe.

Watch the eclipse online The sun rises above the eastern horizon in the Austrian town of Baden-Wuerttemberg, eastern Germany, on August 20, 2018.

The eclipse will be visible from the Netherlands, Austria, Hungary, Belgium, Denmark, Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic and the Netherlands.

A total solar eclipse is also possible in many of the northern European countries including Finland, Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Denmark and the UK.

If you can’t get to a location you want to see it, there are a number of eclipse-friendly destinations around the world.

If it’s too cloudy or dark for you, you can still take photos at your local cinema or museum.

If the eclipse is a bit too much to bear, consider using an eclipse-proof camera, which offers extra security.

The sun will pass through the Earth’s shadow and become visible again just before it reaches the centre of the moon, when it will be blocked by the shadow of the sun and the moon.

Here are some of the best eclipse-safe places in Europe.

You can take pictures of the eclipse from a safe distance.

You’ll want to wear safety glasses, which cover your eyes when you take pictures.

Your best bet for the safest viewing is a solar eclipse glasses.

A sun-blocking mask with an umbrella or a large solar filter (the kind with the red lens) is a great way to avoid the sun’s glare.

A camera tripod can also help you get the perfect angle.

The best time to take pictures is at dusk or when you are walking on the street.

In most parts of Europe, you won’t see the full eclipse.

But you can watch the moon rise and set with an eclipse binoculars or a telescope.

You might be able to spot a partial eclipse but it’s possible to see only a few small rings around the sun.

If that happens, you’ll still have a chance to see a total eclipse but with less of the shadow.

You won’t be able see the sun itself but you’ll be able catch glimpses of the rings.

If there’s no moon to block the sun, you will be able still see the lunar eclipse with your binocular.

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